Leaf Cutting

By Kaylee and Ellie

Leaf Cutting

The definition is pretty self explanatory. This process of asexual propagation involves the cutting of a leaf or part of leaf.


There are no subgroups but leaf cutting is a subgroup of plant cutting in general.

Plants It's Used On

-Black Berries

-African Violets


Steps to Leaf Cut

1) Select a healthy mature leaf from the parent plant (leaf shouldn't be tender or a new growth)

2) Remove the petiole (leafstalk) with sharp shears or a knife

3) Slice across several of the large veins on the underside of the leaf with the knife

4) Dust the cut veins with a rooting hormone which will encourage the production of new roots

5) Place the leaf into a pot filled with damp, sterile potting soil. The soil should be moistened prior to introducing the leaf cutting so that the soil underneath the leaf is damp.

6) Pin the leaf flat, bottom-side-down, to the surface of the soil using toothpicks or bent wire. (actually pierce the leaf) The leaf should stay in contact with soil the whole time

7) Place the prepared pot with the cutting into a plastic bag. The bag will provide humidity while the cutting is taking root.

8) Use a spray bottle to water the cutting while it's inside the bag

9) Remove the cutting from the bag when you see new leaves forming

10) Wait until each of the small plants growing from the original leaf has two sets of leaves. Then divide and transplant the new plants into separate small pots filled with potting


Some materials you need to successfully leaf cut are...

-nutritious soil

-a sharp knife


-rooting hormone

-toothpicks or wire

-plastic bag

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