Summer Reading Project
Meg McCollum

Character Analysis

*The protagonist is mainly Sherlock Holmes but there is also Matty Arnatt, Amyus Crowe, and Virginia Crowe.

*The antagonists is Baron Maupertuis and Surge.

*The Main Character is Sherlock Holmes

* Sherlock is a brilliant 14 year old who has to spend the holidays with his Aunt and Uncle who he doesn't really know, he has a hard time figuring out what feelings he has for Virginia Crowe.


Plot- After a few days of the holidays Sherlock finds a dead body on the Holmes Estate and witnesses a dark cloud the same as Matty Arnatt had seen but Sherlock has also collected a sample of a yellow powder.

Rising action- Both of the boys set out to find a expert in exotic diseases but on the way the boys get attacked by some men that supposedly work for the baron. The boys get away and discover that the powder is bee pollen, so they head back to Mr. Crowes house to tell him about everything and meet Mr.Crowe daughter Virginia.

Climax- Sherlock receives a letter from Virginia and to meet him at the fair so at the fair he was actually attacked by a man and kidnapped by him. When he wakes up he is interrogated by the Barron but is saved by Matty.

Falling Action- Virginia and Sherlock have discovered that the Barron is going to ship out a weapon and after being chased consistently  both of the children get kidnapped and taken to France were they get interrogated by the Barron eventually Sherlock gets attacked by the Barron and virginia by Mr. Surd the two children escape and meet up with Mr.Crowe and Matty.

Resolution- All of them try to stop the Barron from destroying the British Army. The kids find a fort where Mr.Surd is and Sherlock tries to start a fight Sherlock eventually pushes Mr.Surd into a bee hive killing Mr.Surd from multiple bee stings, the boys burn down the fort and pass out. They next day Sherlock wakes up and starts to talk with Mr.Crowe and as they are a carriage trots by and Sherlock sees the Barron.


Sherlock Holmes is forced to spend his summer vacation with his aunt and uncle he doesn't even know. But as a walk in the woods becomes terrifying  he finds a body and a second one with yellow powder. The boy is determined to  find the connections and find out who is behind all this and there plan for it with the help of 3 other friends.

Author and Setting

The author of Sherlock Holmes Death Cloud is  Andrew Lane. This book takes place in London.

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