Marketing Mix 2015

The Four P's


Coca Cola has a huge variety of different drinks because they want to make a drink that meets peoples specific tastes because someone people might not like the same drink as others prefer so that is why coca cola have a wide range of different drinks from coca cola to sprite or even Fanta and loads of other fizzy or energy drinks.


Coca cola has many different size bottles and prices for different peoples budgets so anyone can afford coca cola.

It is important to have a lower price because if coca cola is at a high price no one would want to buy the drink, they would buy something that is cheaper.


Coca cola promotes their products over the world in many different ways for example billboards, radio, adverts, or even on television.

A real example of promotion for coca cola is the Christmas advert where father Christmas is drinking or holding a bottle of coca cola.  


Coca cola is sold in a variety of places for example: cinemas, supermarkets, corner shops, garages, restaurants and places like swimming pools or inside vending machines. so people can access them in so many public places. places where You can find Coca Cola is Tesco Sainsbury's, Morison's, Asda or even corner shops like Mcolls Best one Divia store.