Kelly Terry

The Dollhouse Murders

   The author of "The Dollhouse Murders" is Betty Ren Wright. This mystery is about a murder kept secret in a dollhouse. Amy is scared. She hears scratching and scurrying noises coming from the dollhouse, and the dolls she was playing with are not where she left them. Dolls can't move by themselves, she tells herself. But every night when Amy goes into the attic to check on the dollhouse, it is filled with an eerie light and the dolls have moved again! Are the dolls trying to tell her something? Are their movements connected to the murders of her own great-grandparents?

Amy goes to Aunt Clare's house and finds a haunted dollhouse. She ends up staying with Aunt Clare for a few weeks. Each time Amy goes up to the attic, the dolls are in different positions than the last time. Will Amy and Aunt Clare find out what the dolls are trying to tell them? Who killed Aunt Clare's grandparents? Read the book to find out.

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2 years ago

I wish I hadn't put other people's work on my project.😔