Singer Toy Knitting Machine

It Works ~ I used it.

These sell for about $40 new - they aren't great, but they are good to learn how a knitter works, which is what I did with this.  It's pretty cool. It's a toy, though, not a work horse.

I don't have the box or any of the instructions that come with this, but I can point you to the same YouTube videos I used to learn how to use it.  It makes a nice tube which, if you used novelty yarn, would make a nice scarf.  I found one video that actually calls this a scarf maker.  I think you could also use the tubes it makes to craft some doll clothes, but I did not try that myself.  I just wanted to see how a knitting machine works, and this served my purpose extremely well.

This toy fits into a large flat rate box, which costs $17.45 to ship.  I'm asking $23 - shipping is included in that price.  This is a test of the platform ... but I really do have this for sale and if you want it, I will sell it to you from here.

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