The Imagist Movement

by: Landon Schmitt

Ezra Pound

was an American expatriate poet and critic who was a major figure of the early modernist movement. His contribution to poetry began with his promotion of Imagism, a movement that derived its technique from classical Chinese and Japanese poetry, stressing clarity, precision and economy of language. His best-known works include Ripostes (1912), Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (1920) and his unfinished 120-section epic, The Cantos (1917–1969).


was a movement In early 20th-century Anglo-American poetry that favored precision of imagery and clear, sharp language. It has been described as the most influential movement in English poetry since the activity of the Pre-Raphaelites. As a poetic style it gave Modernism its start in the early 20th century. and is considered to be the first organized Modernist literary movement in the English language. Imagism is sometimes viewed as 'a succession of creative moments' rather than any continuous or sustained period of development. Rene Taupin remarked that 'It is more accurate to consider Imagism not as a doctrine, nor even as a poetic school, but as the association of a few poets who were for a certain time in agreement on a small number of important principles.


  1. Direct treatment of the "thing," whether subjective or objective.
  2. To use absolutely no word that does not contribute to the presentation.
  3. As regarding rhythm: to compose in sequence of the musical phrase, not in sequence of the metronome.


  1. Poetry Sea Garden (1916)
  2. The God (1917)
  3. Translations (1920)
  4. Hymen (1921)
  5. Heliodora and Other Poems (1924)
  6. Hippolytus Temporizes (1927)
  7. Red Roses From Bronze (1932)
  8. The Walls Do Not Fall (1944)
  9. Tribute to the Angels (1945)
  10. Trilogy (1946)
  11. Flowering of the Rod (1946)
  12. By Avon River (1949)
  13. Helen in Egypt (1961)
  14. Hermetic Definition (1972)


  1. E. E. Cummings
  2. Gertrude Stein
  3. H. D.
  4. Hart Crane
  5. Marianne Moore
  6. Mina Loy
  7. T. S. Eliot
  8. Wallace Stevens
  9. William Carlos Williams
  10. Eugenio Montale
  11. Lorine Niedecker
  12. Marianne Moore
  13. Robert Frost

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