11/26/2014 I'm Marie!

I will tell you some things about me and my life.

Normally I live in a small city in Germany. The city calls Rees and is really small. 30,000 people are living there. The city is directly on the famous river 'Rhein', as you can see in the first picture. Rees is actually a pretty famous village/town because it is a historical town. Rees is very close to the Netherlands, I think the fastest way to get there is about 15 minutes. In Rees live a lot of farmers so Rees is basically a farmland. There are a lot of fields and the nature is important for people who lives there. The bridge on the second picture is connected with the villages where all the farmers live.


I love to dance ballet. I dance in a club with a bigger group. I really like the group because there are people how are 19 but there are also people how are 13 that's actually really interesting. My teacher is so good, she has a wonderful ballet carrier behind Her but she isn't very strict. We have a lot of fun with everybody. Usually we have 2-3 performances a year. One in the summer, one in the winter and the third performance depends. Last year we danced on point shoes. That is so hard but makes a lot of fun. We were ice princesses. With a white tutu and beautiful hair.

Traveling! ✈️

I'm really thankful that my family travels a lot with me. As you can see on the pictures. The best vacation was in South Africa. We spend 3 weeks there and it was basically a road trip. We drove a lot with the car around and we changed the hotel or motel every second day. It was excited. My favorite place but is Venice. This place is amazing and fascination. Normally we drive every year in the winter to Austria because we, in Germany, haven't a lot of snow and my family and I are skiing every year. Sometimes we drive with our whole family. My grandparents, my aunt, my uncle, and my cousins. Austria is awesome. I hope we will visit Austria again and again and again.
Thank you! Marie Kemkes

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3 years ago

How beautiful! I'm so happy to learn more about you, Marie. Thank you.