Moon's Impota

The Moon's role

the moon is what causes tides. The moon has 8 phases which is what we see like a crescent or full moon. Sometimes an eclipse happens which is just when a object castes a shadow on to another obect.

the moon phases occur because of the relative position of the moon, Earth, and the Sun. The moon effect us on Earth by the tides and by when is the best time to plant crops or for me personally to breed livestock.

tides and how they work. Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the earth and the moon. If we didn't have tides we would not have high and low tide which good really effect earth habitats. There is neap tides and spring tides.

eclipses are when the moon or the Earth castes a shadow on another object. There are lunar eclipse and solar eclipse a solar is when the sun is covered by the moon. A lunar eclipse is when the Earth blocks out the sun from the moon. It affects earth because in the past people though the world was coming to an end.

in conclusion the moon is very important to life on earth. With out it there would be no tide which will mean no source of energy. It also is a way to keep track off time and is like a source of light at night .

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