Civil War Journal

By: John lewis

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The soldiers will see lots of colorful animals.

Journal Entry #1

My name is John Lewis. I am a sergeant major of the Union army.  I have 2 kids ones 9 and, the other is 12 and a wife. Our house is decent size we have enough money to keep us from starving. My 12 year old son helps me chop wood for the fireplace. I live in Indiana, Terre Huate. 12th Indiana Regiment. My brother is first command I'm second in command. We both think that slavery should be abolished. I have been in the battle of Bull Run and the battle of Vicksburg. My brother got shot in the leg in the battle of  Gettysburg, but recovered luckily. I then took command of the 12th Indiana Regiment and won a battle at Little Round Top

The soldiers will see what the morning looks like withe sun rising and all the trees

Journal Entry #2

Union: You darn wallpapered gray back! Always buffing your chances

Confederate: You fresh fish you can't even aim a pepperbox.

Union: Well at least I am toeing the mark and having my horse sense you Sunday soldier

Confederate: You and your friends are all played out thinking you are hard cases when you skedaddle out of battle.

Union: You better watch your tone you grayback I am coming for you with my Arkansas toothpick you better skedaddle you uppity jailbird

Confederate: You been whipped in every battle you can't take one more horrible defeat.

Union: Well I got a chance to live I’ve been through the mill and I know what’s coming next

Confederate: You better grab a root and run because the hornets are coming.

Union: Bully! Bring it on you Parlor boy I'll be ready with my greenhorn and you will be hard knocked to the bone

Confederate: I'll round up my possum I aint afraid of you I’m as fit as a fiddle.

Union: You’re asking for it i am fit to be tied your chances are as scarce as hens teeth

Journal Entry #3

Dear, Family

I miss all of you. It been here about two and a half years since I last seen you.  I want to sit by the fire with all of you and watch my boys grow up and become men. Its been really hard since General Mcclellan was put in command. But I still control the 12th Indiana Regiment but still have to the drills. He made us do chores everyday. Also he makes us do drills. We never get a break. I seen people get punished and arrested. I'm very tired but I still get my work done

Love, John

Lots of soldiers played baseball during there free time because this is the time when baseball started

Journal Entry #4

1. He decided to stay home with my ill mom and take care of her so she could be healthy and better.

2. He felt happy joining the union because he think slavery should never exist again.

3. He wish my mom would have survived the illness so she could still be here.

4. He wonder if his brother got the letter or survived the war.

Journal Entry #5

Dear Chris,

Living in camps are hard. Its very cold during the winter. All we eat is hardtack. Its ok but its the only thing we really eat. its really hard. its made out of flour,and sometime salt. Its really the only thing we eat for breakfast,lunch, and dinner. hopefully I can see you and my family again.

your friend,


Soldiers will charge into battle with bayonets.

Journal Entry #7

I have seen lots of people in my regiment die from illness. Lots of people have quick-step. I been starting to have quick-step but not a lot. I think I might die soon if I get more sick. The medicine here is probaly not gonna keep me alive. People die from gun wounds. But most died from diseases. Theres so much people wounded and sick in the camp. Lots of people are very hungry.

Journal Entry #8

I'm happy that i'm home. Away from the war victorious. But not that happy. I lost lots of friends in the war. My family is happy that im home I am happy about that. Im happy that Henry survived but he's crippled. He got his leg amputated.

This is John Lewis's house he lives here with his family when the war ended.

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