Wheelchairs For Kids – The Different Types You Can Choose From

Kids with special needs or disabilities need a specific type of support to render them capable of any form of independence. This support is generally prescribed in the form of wheelchairs for kids that have been specially designed to cater to their specific mobility requirements. Doctors these days have a wide variety of mobility solutions to choose from and prescribe to their patient children for their comfort and independence. There are a number of battery operated wheelchairs which are much a better option than the conventional wheelchairs. They offer features that not only facilitate the invalid but also the caregiver in terms of ease of operation and smoother mobility.

If you are looking through different types of wheelchairs for kids, you are bound to feel confused and overwhelmed. The market offers much variety and it being the question of your child’s comfort, you will want to double check the decision of your doctor as well. Let us look at the basic three types of wheelchairs available in the market and find out which one will suit your requirements best.

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs for kids are designed to be worked with upper body strength. They can be a hassle for the caregiver to push around but for the safety of your child, these wheelchairs are just what you wanted. The amount of power required to push these wheelchairs will ensure that your child doesn’t misuse it inadvertently and stays within your control. They are light weight vehicles, with either a rigid frame or a folding frame which is easier to transfer in and out of cars.

Power wheelchairs

These wheelchairs for kids are power operated and mostly run on battery power. This variety happens to be the most convenient to use for the caregiver, allowing for easy mobility and manoeuvring. These wheelchairs are best for use when you need to take the child out for longer trips on the wheelchair or the kid is heavy set when it comes to his/her body type. Power wheelchairs also come with many added features (owing to the presence of in built battery mechanism) which can be used to keep the child engaged and provide many other therapeutic benefits.

Tilt or recliner wheelchairs

These are specially designed wheelchairs that protect the child against skin sores that might result from prolonged use of the chair. A special wheelchair, "tilt in space wheelchair" is sometimes used by individuals, which is a recliner chair system that basically changes the seat to back angles, flattening out the back and in some cases raising the legs to form a flat surface. These wheelchairs for kids have to be custom designed and fitted for the child in question and as such should only be bought after accounting for expert doctor opinion.

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