An educated guess of what is going to happen based of already given information

Example 1:

"the teacher gave us new math problems to do i din't understand the problems i feel so stuped, and nervious all the students in the class were dpoing their work ecept for me."

-I can infer from this piece of information that this person has problems with math because he is not at the same level as his classmates, and is very self conscious, and does not write very well because he is in 1st or 2nd grade.

Example 2:

"Since I was born, my mother, sister and I have taken in over fifty homeless cats, fed them, cleaned them and gave them to good families. These fifty cats do not include my cat that gave birth to fifteen kittens in two years, all of whom were given to loving families."

-I can infer from the information that is given that the author loves cats, and cares about the treatment of animals.

Example 3:

"The government constantly talks about how to make the world better and how to make America more civilized, but then it kills its people. The death penalty is a form of hypocrisy. One can infer that killing is wrong, yet the government’s solution to murder is to engage in its own slaughter. This side of capital punishment is barbaric."

-Using the authors comments and inferences you can infer that the writer is strongly against the death penalty and probably knows someone who has been put the death penalty and that is were there firm dislike of it comes from.

Picture 1:

-From this picture I can infer that this is a planet, furthermore I can infer that it has life and is stable orbit because of extensive geoligical development

Picture 2:

-Looking at this picture I can infer that this cat is highly tolerant of human idiocy and puts up with a lot of (excuse the language) crap from its owners

Picture 3:

-I can infer from this picture that this business man is about to have a very very bad day because he tripped and is not spilling all his papers and falling down.


-I can infer from this short video that the director of it has a lot of time on his or her hands to be able to make all the tiny props or get the very very big rabbit