The name of the country I am researching is Ecuador and the capitol of Ecuador is Quito.  The major languages in Ecuador are Spanish even though Quechua and other indigenous languages are widely used.  Ecuador is located on the equator near the northern end of the Andes Mountains.  The population of Ecuador is 15,737,878 people and their average age and life expectancy is 75.92 years old.


The top 3 major mountains in Ecuador are The Andes Mountains, The Chimborazo Mountains which are the tallest mountains in Ecuador and The Cotacachi Mountains.  The top 3 major Rivers in Ecuador are Lake Mikakachu, The Macara River and The Black Lakes of Jumbura.


The Average temperature in Ecuador is 25 degrees Celsius(77 degrees Fahrenheit). And the Average rainfall in Ecuador is 100 millimeters per month.


The top 3 Holidays in Ecuador are Carnival which lasts 4 days and happens near the end of February, Mama Negra Celebration which is celebrated to honor the Lady Mercy, and New Year's Eve.  The food in Ecuador is very diverse and varies in altitudes and agricultural conditions.  In the regions of Ecuador they eat pork, chicken, beef and cuy (guinea pig), their most popular street food is hornado which is a pig served with potatoes.  The major sports in Ecuador are soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and tennis.


Some unusual laws in Ecuador are that it is illegal for and a you can where only a piece of clothe on your belly button and nothing else in public, someone to put garbage in someone else's garbage can and provacative clothing is outlawed.  The native animals in Ecuador are frogs, snakes, and a wide variety of insects.  Some trading partners and allies of Ecuador are Panama, Peru, the U.S, and Italy.

Geographical map of Ecuador
The major sport in Ecuador

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