Color Wheel

1. The hardest color to photograph was yellow-orange. I found it difficult to find the right lighting to get a nice looking color of yellow-orange.

2. Picture labels

Red was a cap to a spray can.

Red-orange was set of number 2 pencils.

Orange was the back of my hair dryer.

Yellow-orange was the my art desk.

Yellow was a Nikon shopping bag.

Yellow-green was my yoga ball.

Green was a shirt.

Blue-green was my iPod.

Blue was the edge of a shoe box.

Blue-violet was the inside of a purse.

Violet was a tinker toy.

Red-violet was my brother's sweatshirt.

3. My favorite photo is orange because I like the design of the back of the hair dyer.

4.  My green picture looked better larger than cropped.