Senator Mitch McConell


McConnell was elected Kentucky senate in 1984. In 1990 he was re-elected  Kentucky  senate again, in 2002 , and again in 2008.

Mitch McConell


McConnell was first elected to senate in 1984 , he was re-elected many times since that . In 2008 his election broke records he won by nearly 1 million votes.

McConnell's education :

Senator McConnell graduated with honors from the University of Louisville College of Arts and Sciences, where was student body president. He also is a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Law, where he was elected president of the Student Bar Association.


Senator McConnell lowered taxes by 2.4% this year but that is all the president would allow.


McConnell was quoted as saying, “Economic development is a Frankfort issue,''.


McConnell says that we need to find more american energy . This means more of America's own energy resources, including wind, solar, clean coal, biofuels, nuclear energy, as well as oil and natural gas, which will reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil and create thousands of jobs here at home.

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