Counting Game!

Hello! :) We are the Makey-Makey Crew! We created a number game for you guys to test your counting skills.

Our purpose for creating this program is to test kids on counting up to 10. It is important that children from Pre-K to Grade 1 master counting from 1 to 10. The reason why we created this number game is to help little kids know how to count properly.

We first made a design on paper. We used an old, used shoebox, colored paper, and the Makey-Makey kit to design our project. Halfway into the project, we decided to just scratch our original plan and make the program simpler. Our reasons for doing this were because we had very little time left, and our program and our idea was too complicated to do. Our original plan was to make different levels for the kids to play, but we later decided to just make it a simple, one level game.

Overall, we had a very difficult experience doing this program. We encountered many difficulties, like having to stay after school or visiting the lab during lunchtime just so we could finish our number game on time.

If you want to test your knowledge, visit us at the Maker's Fest this Friday, May 16, 2014 held at the lower school library. Thank you! :)

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