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Introduction and Overview

My name is Andy Cheek, the owner of Black Hat Entertainment! I provide, through my business, DJ and PA services for parties, weddings, clubs, school functions and everything in between! All technology that is available to you is the latest and greatest of the sound and lighting industry. Our services can be tailored to any event, budget or need in order to create memories that will last a life-time!

The Services

Service 1 - DJ Entertainment

Black Hat Entertainment offers a mobile DJ service that is ready to meet the needs of some of the most demanding parties, events and school functions in the triad. When you choose Black Hat Entertainment to DJ your event, we will provide all necessary equipment and manpower to broadcast the types of music that you are looking for throughout your event or party.

The Music

With music being the most important part of our business, we strive to have a large, versatile and entertaining playlist to suit your needs. On demand, we have music ready for events such as:

- Elementary School Functions (Dances or other events)

- Middle and High-school Functions (Dances, Semi-formals and Prom)

- Parties (Large or Small, multiple genres/styles to choose from)

- Formal Events (Weddings, Reunions, or other formal occasions)

Full Music List Available upon request!


General Fee for All Services (Setup, Transport and Preparation): $50

All other prices are appraised in person at the site of the event!

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