Career Research Project

Tumbo Tumbarello Coaching

Necessary Job Skills

. Working well with others

. Will listen and gives a 100%

. Wont complain

. Works hard and is never late

. Comes in on time

. Never talks back to the boss

. Knows how to have fun at times but knows when to be sireus

Education Requirements

You need a Bachelors degree with a Teaching certificate

Michigan State University

. It offers certifcates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees

. It has coaching because there is a lot of sports to where you can coach from badmiton to wrestling

. The campus money is pretty cheap

. On the campus it has a three time national top collegiate mascot

. 16 straight NCAA appearance

What I Go By

The quote that I go by is If You Believe You Can Acheive  and my first wrestling coach told me that when I was 12 years old and it was at wrestling practice when he told me that. This quote means a lot to me because my wrestling died of cancer and ill never forget the quote he told me because he got me to have some confadents in myself. I can use this in the future by if I make it to college I believe i can make it to state for wrestling or to get the job I wan't as my career. I use it everyday wether it be in school,at home, in a wrestling match, football, this is so inspirational to me.

Person Who is Everything To Me

The person that I think is a great influence on me is my step dad the reason why I say that is because hes been there for me and like hes nicer to me he loves the bears, likes cars, him and his dad both use to wrestle, he played hockey, football, he worked out a lot, hes some what tall, He is 42. He is so important because my second year of wrestling he helped me get to where I wanted to go and that was state, so he put me on a work out and I was jacked and I made it to state my second year wrestling and him and my mom have been dating for 5 years going onto 6 and that's how long I have been wrestling to. Another reason is he helped me open up to people and to him, I can literaly tell him anything and we will talk about and we also mess around and we wrestle, I even told him I want him to adopt me and I want him to be my real dad.


The article  Geneseo's Murray Creates The Right Wrestling Atmosphere, This goes with my career.

The article Geneseo's Murray Creates The Right Wrestling Atmosphere ( Makarewicz) explains that coach Murray is happy that were our self and how we could perform to our ability and how hes happy to have us. "That's who they are," Murray said. "You've got to let them be who they are so they can perform to their top ability." (Makarewicz)

The reason this article realates to my career is because coach Murray lets his players be them self and when i'm gunna coach little kids there gunna be playing and messing around and so I need to be more calm and easy and not get mad easy and that's how coach Murray is hes calm.

Geneseo's Murray creates the right wrestling atmosphere - Quad Cities Online

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