On a cold rainy night in fairytale land, I was born as the little baby girl of Prince Charming and Snow White. But, as fate would have it, my birth didn't go exactly as planned.

The Evil Queen had sent her soldiers to find me and have me killed, because of her hatred towards my mother. But my mother, being clever as she always was, threw me (gently, of course) into a magical portal, which was being disguised as a wardrobe. This wardrobe was supposed to teleport me to present-day Earth, so I could be safe from the Evil Queen and her wicked wrath.

But, let’s just say that this wardrobe was unfortunately having some technical difficulties. Instead of ending up in present-day Earth as a newborn baby, I somehow ended up in the womb again… the womb of a strange woman who was NOT my mother, Snow White!

I ended up in the womb of none other than Missy Morelli. Missy lived in Kansas City, Missouri. She was married to a young man named Sean Morelli, and they had a little 2 year old boy named Jacob. She was a couple months pregnant with me, and before we knew it, the time had already flown by, and it was time for me to be born… AGAIN!

It was a beautiful day in Kansas City. It was sunny and warm, with no precipitation and a slight breeze. Missy was being driven to the hospital by her husband, while Jacob was at his grandmother’s house, and everything seemed to be going according to plan.

But, the Queen being evil as she was, had found me in present-day Earth, and was determined to do anything in her power to ruin my birth. She cast a spell down onto our car and it got thrown out of whack. Missy and Sean started panicking and were worried that they wouldn't make it to the hospital in time!

Just as everything seemed to be falling apart, SUPERMAN swooped in and saved the day! Talk about a major plot twist!

He used his super strength to pick up our car and fly us to the hospital just in time for me to be born! Missy made a silly mistake by deciding not to take the pain meds that are supposed to help with the labor… let’s just say that I was a major pain in the butt to give birth to!

My birthday was on that beautiful day of October 13th, 2001. I was a healthy baby girl, weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz, and a length of 20 inches. I had a head full of thick, dark hair, and very chubby cheeks. So it all went pretty smoothly, right?

WRONG. The Queen couldn't bear to just stand by and watch as this whole perfect day rolled out right in front of her. So what did she do? She swooped in and stole me right out of that little baby bassinet in the middle of the hospital room.

But did we just stand by and let this happen? The answer to that, my friends, is no. My father butted in and started DUELING with the Queen, right in the middle of that hospital room! After a long while of battles between the Queen and my father, I was finally back at peace in my mother’s arms.

And that, my friends, is the riveting story of the day I was born.