The Gardener by S. A. Bodeen

Laura Oldham | May 15, 2015

Before reading The Gardener, I thought the book was going to be about gardening in a greenhouse.

Evolution is _____. In The Gardener, evolution is important because _____.

A heterotroph is _____. In The Gardener,  they talk about hetertorophs because _____.

Photosynthesis is _____. Photosynthesis is important in The Gardener because _____.

Autotrophs are _____. Autotrophs are important in The Gardener because _____.

My favorite questions asked while we were reading were

  1. Why is the lab concerned with growing more humans if they're worried about the size of the human population?
  2. Why don't the other kids wake up when the girl does?

We found out the answers as we read. Here they are.

  1. [Insert answer here.]
  2. [Insert answer here.]
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The Setting

The Gardener takes place in three different places: Melby Falls, Washington, TroDyn, and Portland, Oregon.

[Insert information about these places]

Medical Ethics

One of the ethical issues in The Gardener is whether or not it's right to do experiments on humans. I think human experimentation is _____ because _____. In The Gardener, the experiments they do on humans are _____ because _____.

Climate Change & The Food Crisis

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Climate change is _____. It's a problem because _____.

The food crisis is _____. It's a problem because _____.

Climate change leads to food crises. When the climate changes _____.

Dear Future Generations, Sorry

The song "Dear Future Generations, Sorry," is about _____.

Both The Gardener by S. A. Bodeen and "Dear Future Generations: Sorry" deal with the common theme of _____. [Insert examples from each text].

The Karner Blue

The Karner Blue is a blue butterfly that lays its eggs on _____. The problem with laying its eggs here is _____. In The Gardener, we see the Karner Blue _____. If we can compare the Karner Blue to humans, then eventually humans will _____ because _____.

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In both The Gardener by S. A. Bodeen and "Dear Future Generations: Sorry by Prince E. A. the authors discuss _____. This is seen in The Gardener when _____. It's also seen in "Dear Future Generations: Sorry" when _____. The authors think _____ about [this topic].

My Final Thoughts

My prediction from the beginning, where I thought the story was going to be about ____ was ____. Actually, here's what I found out. [Explain how your prediction was correction was right or wrong.]

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