My Job Of Growing Up To Be What I Want To Be ... I love To Dance And A Doctor Because Movement Is In My Soul. When I Feel My Body Move Through Space, I Am In A State Of True Happiness!

I Dance Because I Love It And It Makes Me Feel Good About Myself. Im Not the Most Confident Person In Generally, But Its Something About Being On The Stage That Just Makes Me Feel Stronger , But When I Get On The Stage I Get Scared To Show Everyone That I Know How To Dance , Dancing Effect Everyone In Their Own Way. / I Want To Help Little Children Become Talented How I Want To Become .

Dancing Is So Much More Than Just A Sport. It Takes More Than A Pretty Face - It Takes A lot Of Practice And Hard Worker . But If You Have The Right Amount Of Talent, Confidence, And Patience, You Can Accomplish Anything . It Doesn't Matter Who You Are, And What Kind Of Background You Have. If It Calls For You, Answer Back. You May Not Be Perfect At It, But You Need To Love It. If You Do, You Will Be Good At It, In Your Heart.

People Are Willing To Become Doctors Due To The Fact That Doctors Are Well Paid And That They Would Wish To Give Back To The Society For Giving Them Knowledge. For Others It Is Because Of The Fact That They Value Life And They Have That Ability To Aalleviate People's Pain , I Want To Become A Doctor To Help People In All Different Kinds Of Ways .. Many Doctors Work For 60 Hours / To Make Alot Of Money For They Family , I Know That Becoming A Doctor Have To Do Alot With Education Communication ...