Mariela Ortiz

Photography Portfolio


This was for my photo video project. My mom had planted these flowers and one morning we saw that they  blossomed and they opened up  really nicely.

Spring Time

This was for my photo video assignment. This is a diffrent angle for the same project as above only this time it shows some of the surrounding.


This is for the Portrait project with my friends Crystal and Rosa.


This is from my Nature project. I went on a field trip to the Kimble Art  Musuem and this was for the

More than just Art

This was for my Nature project. I really like the lighting in this. The museum uses half natural light to make the art look better.


This was for my Nature project its the infinite fountain at the Kimble Art Museum. I really like how the sunlight it shown in the water, it makes the color of the water seem more natural.


This was for my Nature project. There is a special room in the Kimble Art Museum that has a fountain but the placement of the shadows of the trees made the room look really calm. They sun was shining and the room looked as if we were actually outside.

Ends of Winter

This was for my Nature assignment. As we experience seasons the indicators of change is nature. Seeing the trees still bare show the ending of winter and the coming of spring.

Beauty shines through

This was for my photo video assignment. In the early mornings the beauty thats shown isn't appreciated. As the sun is rising we can how spring has already taken hold.


This was for my Nature project. While on a trip to a Safari in Arkansas I turn the corner and a couple of feet away are these two peacocks just minding their own business. I really liked how it was natural they weren't in a cage or anything.

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