This is made from Eric,Harvin,Gurwinder,Archita and Jasmine


This is the oil machine,it can grind lots and lots of oil for you and store it in a big bottle.When it is full,the oil will get sent in to a new country and people can use it for other stuff ,like   using it for the oil for the car


The summer is awesome because it's very hot and it won't rain that often.Lots of thing can grow back like grain,flower,trees and more.this is how the summer looks like.

  • This Is How The Winter Looks like

This is How a Interior region looks like when it's winter and winter last longer than summer and the winters snow is extremely cold.


There are dangerous animals like wolfs,coyotes,tiger,lions and more.There are also safe and calm animals to like,deers,elks,Mooses,shrubs,antelopes and more.This  is the interior plains  animal life.


The  natural vegetation of the most of the  southern of the region is just grass.When there is drought,the grasses go brown and dormant.this means they wait until there is rain before putting up new green shoots.Irrigation is use to bring water in some dry areas.trees and shrubs grow along near streams and near bodies of water.they are not  large as trees in the cordillera region.Most of these trees are deciduous.they lose there leaves and become dormant in leaves grow in spring when  water is more plentiful.

Physical features
The interior plains region is nearly flat or has rolling hills. This huge plains descends in several levels. It is the highest in the mountains. It is almost at sea levels in Manitoba and the North west Territories.

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The interior plains region is nearly flat or has rolling hills this huge plains descends in several levels it is highest in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains it is almost at sea level in Manitoba and the Northwest Territories about 18000 years ago much of Canada was covered by two huge sheets of ice