Kirsty Graham- the musician of the business world.

The girl who learnt to play the music industry

Well-known musician, Kirsty Graham, is best known not only for her bringing a unique style of popular music to the the industry, but for her successes as a entrepreneur. We all know how her music career started and how her new way of approaching rock music led her to fame, but this is the story of how she was driven to achieve in the business world.

It all began with her first business class at GCSE in September 2014, where her business teacher, now Sir Alex Key, brought out the entrepreneur in her. Her invention of the ¨Easy Play¨ guitar, drum and piano system, innovated in 2024, planned to introduce the nation to a new way of learning how to play instruments.  It was not as much of a major success that her and her business partners, fellow entrepreneur school friend and Tiara Heesen and pop singer Ed Sheeran, had hoped for. ¨The plan was to sell a product, that both children and adults could use, to make the learning experience easy and enjoyable for those who did not have the time or money to commit to lessons...We were going to release the system for more instruments, before we decided to move in a different direction with the company.¨ she explained in an interview. However, failure is a big part of a successful business and Graham, who is known for her determination and initiative, refused to give up on her business idea.

From 2026 she started trying to convince her partners into moving into a different direction with the business, aiming at the teenage audience. Graham is known for the famous quote ¨The music you listen to in your golden years as a teenager, is the music that stays with you and you love it for the rest of your life. It's the music your share with your children and becomes part of your identity as an adult.¨ 'Easy Play' was being developed for just that.

Graham's invention of the interactive video game for children and teens hit the market in Christmas 2028 and the sales were unbelievable. Inspired by her childhood in a small international school, the game allowed music lovers all over the world to play with fellow musicians all over the world. When playing the game you have a choice to invite people you know, or to be randomly hooked up with anyone anywhere, to play in a 3-5 piece band. The third version of the game is now available for Play Station 12.

To read the full story, read her second autobiography release from last summer, 2030, based on her business career.

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