By: Ricardo

For: Mr.Jairo

Fiction is one of the most popular genres for kids.

  Hatchet written by Gary Paulsen is about a 12 year old boy named Brian who needed to survive alone in the forest.

The sign of the beaver written by Elizabeth George Spear Is about a white boy named Matt who needed to interact with indigenous people to survive.

  Hatchet and Sign of the beaver are different in character traits,situacion but they have a similar setting.

  The first difference between Hatchet and Sign of the beaver is the situation for the main character. Brian from Hatchet had a difficult situation surviving alone in the forest, And Matt from sign of the beaver had a easier situation in a forest where indigenous people live. For example: Attean a indigenous kid helped Matt by teaching him the secrets of the forest. Brian had a difficult time trying to catch food and making weapons all on his own. It is clear that both stories have different situation.

  Hatchet and sign of the beaver have differences in character . Brian is a brave character For example when he went swimming down in the lake to get the survival kit out showed his bravery.Matt in the other hand had a kind character trait For example :When he though Attean how to read and write, showed his kindness with Attean.It is clear that both of this characters are different.

  Although Hatchet and Sign of the beaver are different in character traits and situation they have a similar setting. Both of these stories take place in the forest and in similar climates.

  In conclusion it is clear that books are great even, though they were different in situation and character traits . They both talk about survival and I like them. I hope you read them.