Tia Hammond

The Black Veil Brides is my favorite band. It helped me through a lot of rough and hard times. It never left me and I am very thankful for that. I listen to them almost everyday and every night.  Most people do not like this because of really bad reasons, but it helps many people from doing bad things.

3 Things That Represent Me

Fox York Terriers

I love Forkies (Fox York Terriers), my family has one and she is the cutest thing. I am not a big fan of bigger dogs other than Huskies.  I love smaller dogs other than the fact you might step on one.

Beef Jerky

I am a huge fan of beef jerky.  When I was growing up this was in my life.  I would give up anything and everything for this bag full of heaven.  People think it is stupid, but I do really like beef jerky.  It is not childish, many people like or love beef jerky.

Criminal Minds

This is my favorite television show.  I love the justice system and putting criminals in jail.  Saving peoples lives has always been something in my mind and I know it might not come true.  Anyways, This is the only thing I ever watch on the television, but I am not a huge television person in the first place.


My first goal is to become a friendly person. Not many people like when I get angry. So I need to be nicer to people and control my anger, so people will like me a lot more.

My second goal is to become a better girlfriend.  So, I have a boyfriend and he is the sweetest, nicest, smartest, and most fearless person I have ever met.  I am not very romantic and I am not very open with him. I need to starting opening up and telling him things and think of him more than think of myself.

My last goal is to slowly take away a lot of my fears.  I am gonna start with my fear of public speaking, I stutter all of the time and sometimes I make grammatical errors when speaking.

Where I Want To Go

Miami, Florida

I have always wanted to visit the beaches of Miami.  They look beautiful in all of the pictures I have seen of it.  All of the tourists attractions look fun and I want to go there because of the hot weather.  I am a person who gets cold very easily.  Well, everything looks beautiful.

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