The Wondrous Life and Times
of Leon the Lab Monkey

Or How I Went from Left Shoulder Monkey to King of the World

Look at me up there, sitting on that big, dumb guy's shoulder. How embarrassing.

In the beginning, Marvin, the big oaf you see in the picture, sought a wise monkey who would help him travel West. His hope was to retrieve sacred scriptures that might enlighten the entire monkey race to live according to the first monkey, Munkee Wu. A silly, young monkey named See, volunteered to undertake the pilgrimage. Along the way, they fell into quick sand and, after hearing their plan, I saved them and convinced them to take me with them.

Later, we helped to liberate a captive princess and punish her abductor, who had also murdered her father. After resurrecting her father and having him reinstalled as king, he was kind enough to give us the traveling caravan we needed to successfully make it West. He also, unknowingly, gave me a book of spells and incantations that would soon prove most helpful in my plan to take over the world.

But first, we had to fight several fierce monsters … Tune in soon for the rest of the story!

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