Expressing Creativity with Multimedia Technologies
(Ch. 9)

(1.) Multimedia Learning: When teachers combine spoken words with visuals or written text with audio or utilize simulations and models.

- This is important because with technology ever growing, students have a vast amount of resources available to them to help increase their learning. Teachers need to embrace this type of learning in order to fully give the students the learning opportunities that they deserve. This can also make the lessons more fun for the students in the classrooms.

(2.) YouTube: A video hosting and sharing website where people upload videos that they have made and watch those made by others.

- I personally, find YouTube to be a useful learning tool. A lot of teachers refuse to embrace YouTube as a learning tool because of all the "inappropriate" material that is on the site. Although this is true, there are a lot of helpful tools as well. There are a lot of professors and tutors that post videos on different subjects that can be useful to students. I myself used it when I was struggling with lessons, particularly math, and I plan to encourage my future students to use it if they get lost as well.

(3.) Alphabet Books: A way to practice spelling patterns, letter sounds, and vocabulary words, and reading skills.

- Even though I have no solid memories of these while I was growing up or while I was in school, this concept seems like a fascinating idea to implement into classrooms. This will not only help build these skills for primary English speaking students, but this could also be used to help ELL/ESL students better their English.

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