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John Harvard, the Pilgrim

History and Origins

Harvard is one of the oldest institution with the highest education which was established in 1636. Harvard is named after John Harvard because he was the collages first benefactor by leaving half of his estate to the university after he died. There is a statue in front of the University Hall today and is one of the Universities best landmarks.

Fight song

Admission Requirements

Element of student life (SOCH)

The people in the SOCH hosts and sponsors many events like

  • Board game night
  • Pool tournament
  • Dance Central tournament with the SOCH’s xBox 360 Kinect
  • Regular showings of a TV show with the SOCH’s popcorn machine
  • World Series/Super Bowl/NBA Finals/Stanley Cup watch parties

Cost and Tuition

Tuition is $45,278 and the total cost for going to Harvard is between $64,400 and $69,600

Copy of my degree plan

MATH 1411, MATH 1312, and an additional minimum of 4 courses, at least 2 (3 for the BA) of which must be upper-division approved courses: MATH 2300, MATH 2325, MATH 2313, MATH 2320, MATH 2326, MATH 3319, MATH 3320, MATH 3323 or MATH 4326, MATH 3325, MATH 3327, MATH 3328, MATH 3329, MATH 3335, MATH 3341, MATH 4325, MATH 4329, MATH 4336, MATH 4341, STAT 3330, STAT 3381, and STAT 4380.

Career Description

I want to be a math teacher for all grades. I have to take the first two math courses and then pick at least four of the twenty two math courses. I would like to teach people in pre AP or any other advanced class.

Job Requirements

Persuasive Essay

There are many colleges that I would like to attend to see which one is better for me but since I can only pick one college I would pick Harvard University. I know that I’m not the best one to pick for this University but I think that I would be able to make it in that school, even if I’m not the best one there. The reason why I deserve to attend this collage is because I have some of the best qualities that many people don’t have. The two of the most important qualities that I have that other people don’t have is that I have determination in finishing things and I am always turning in homework and other important paper work in time.

Many people lack the quality of finishing assignments that they were given. Since many people lack this quality it means that they will never finish anything that they were given and would either get a bad grade from many of their classes or would get kicked out form the university and get in a lot of trouble. Being able to finish things through will help you in both your life, and your collage years. I have joined many things now but because of my determination I have been in many things that I didn’t want to do but many people didn’t know that I wanted to get out of the activities that I was in. Since I am determined in finishing all these things, I think it would be easy for me to be determined to do my homework there. Another reason that determination would help is that I always do my homework and usually get good grades it would make that school look better than it already does right now.

Another quality that many people lack is the quality of turning things in on time. The reason why this is important is because they would lower your grades. It would also help you because if you are applying for a college but you were late then they won’t accept you which will mean that they would have to turn you down and you would have to apply for another college. This quality helps people not just in collage, but also in real life. From this whole year I probably only turned a few assignments late, about two or three, but even then if you would put this in a ratio of the number of assignments that I turned in and then put it into a percentage then it would be about ninety-nine percent of the homework that I turned in.
There are many other good qualities that would help you through collage but to my opinion the two qualities that I listed above (determination, and finishing things in time) are more important than other qualities.

Letter of Recomendation

To whom it may concern,

Ricardo is a great man. I have known him since we were both in 9th grade, as a teacher. He also worked for me as a high school teacher and helped all of the students to get commended on the EOC. Not only did he work as a regular teacher but he also served as the math UIL coordinator, which is a big position to fill. He was a lot of help to the school. Not only did he just come out of the blue and filled in one of the toughest, if not the toughest UIL coordinators positions offered. Ricardo brought a lot of potential and opportunities to the school and I'm glad to be able to say that he worked for me.

Ricardo has many abilities and skills regarding mathematics of all sorts. He has been a participant on UIL mathematics since 5th grade and he continued for all of his high school years. During his middle school years he went to San Antonio because he qualified on the math UIL qualifiers. During his high school he was always in the top 3 competitions on UIL Mathematics. He was awarded as the best student for math class in the award ceremony for freshmen and senior year. He is really dedicated to mathematics and all aspects related to it. Whether it is geometry, calculus, algebra, or any other type of math he always has an interest on it and he always tries to be the best at it.

So in conclusion Ricardo is great for the position that he needs to fulfill. His work skills and his leader skills are the best you can find. His teaching methods are revolutionary and useful when it comes to engaging with students and making them understand the topic being taught in the class room. Ricardo has a lot of potential in the classroom and should definitely have the position being offered to him.

Luis Duran, Audio Engineer ********* Radio



Cover Letter

Dr. Troy T. Burn

Pebble Hills High School

14400 Pebble Hills Blvd.

May 21, 2015

Good evening Dr. Burn

I am interested in applying for a teaching position in your school district. I have some experience in teaching and helping many students in the past.

I am currently pursuing in getting a Ph. D in teaching. My core subject is math and I can help anyone with anything they need help with. I could help my class to get a high percentage of passing and a high percentage of commending.

I can teach people in UIL Math and help most of the students to place in the top ten with general math, number sense, and calculator. In my middle school I went to state competition for all three subjects for all three of my middle school years.

Thank you in advance for taking some time and reading my letter and I would come to any interviews and I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.


Ricardo Sillas

210 Zaragoza Drive

(915)-250-8932 (home phone)

(915)-647-9125 (cell phone)


Career Objectives

Obtaining a teaching position with a school in a Socorro Independent School District that will help me become one of the best teachers for any grades of math.

Education History

Aug. 2013 - May 2014

Sun Ridge
El Paso, Texas

» I was the one in my class with the highest test grade for the EOC algebra and either only missed one or got all of them right but I don't remember

Aug. 2011 - May 2014

Sun Ridge
El Paso, Texas

» I was in UIL math and went to state competition for general math, number sense, and calculator for all my three years. I helped many people go to state with me. I started at fourth grade but they didn't have state competition until middle school, and I didn't have state competition for my freshmen year either.

Work Experience

Aug. 2013 - May 2014

Sun Ridge
Math teacher
El Paso, Texas

» I helped many people get commended on the EOC and helped many people go to state for UIL math.

Awards & Certificates

» UIL Math (May 2014)
» GT (June 2011)

Extracurricular Activities

Chess Club, Math Club

Skills & Abilities

» Able to multitask
» Committed
» Japanese

Additional Information

I had to teach people at Sun Ridge how to do little tricks that you need to finish the problems quickly.

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