The Ocelot, Cute But Endangered

Ocelot: An ocelot is a medium sized bobcat like animal with spots. This cat has a key feature of parallel stripes running down the neck. The belly of the cat is spotted with black dots, it's tail is ringed or marked with dark bars on the upper surface, the back of the rounded ear is black with a white central spot.


The ocelot has been found in the southern part of Texas that includes: Cameron, Duval, Hidalgo, Jim Wells, Kenedy, Kleberg, Live Oak, McMullen, Nueces,San Patricio, and Starr.

Why Are They Endangered?

These cats  are endangered because their eco-system is being destroyed and used for farming.

How Are We Protecting them?

We are protecting this creatures home by starting wildlife departments and we are helping raise money at these departments so this cat will not be endangered anymore.

By: Emily Lewis

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