It is a storm with lightning and thunder. They usually have a heavy rain. Thunderstorms are electric storms.

How a Thunderstorm is Formed?

  • On a hot summer day and the sun heats up the earth
  • Earth heats air above the surface which is the process of conduction ( Conduction is when something such as the sun heats up some such as sand or black top and then you walk on it with your bare feet)
  • The cloud type is cumulonimbus( that is mean the clouds are puffy and the nimbus means rain)

Historical Examples of a Big Thunderstorm

July 31 1976 in Colorado the Big Thompson river - killed 139 people over 35.5 million dollars worth of damage. There was no injuries reported.

1995- more than 100 people were injured. There was hail the size of a golf ball. The wind speed reach 60-70 mph. In some areas the hail was as big as a grape fruit the total damage cost is 2 billion dollars. There is no deaths reported.

Impact on Human Life

When there is a thunderstorm you can be prepared by having a cell phone so that when the internet is down you can still have something so you know where the weather is going. Some other things that are imported to have are weather radios because when there is something there is an alarm on it and it tells you there is a severe weather storm coming. Also you should have a storm supply kit that has batteries blanket, water bottle, canned food.

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