Culture Project.

Hello my name is Carlos Ocasio and my country is Omzig land,and I will be presenting everything you need to know about it.


          The religion that they believe in is Christianity. The reason why they believe in this is because when this country was barely started, they found an emotional connection with god. So as some people taught them the ways of Christianity,they started picking it up themselves.


           The language that they speak and write is Spanish. The reason why they speak this is because when they started this country, it was founded near Mexico and the islands near the gulf of Mexico so they naturally picked it up. Also,yes, this does affect their culture, the way that it affects it is by how they eat, and how they watch TV,and read books.


           The food that they eat is a mixture between Mexican and Puerto Rican food. The reason why they eat this is because when they went to find culture around where they live, they found these two countries first. They loved the food, so naturally they decided to  try to combine these two countries and their food,together.

                                                            CLIMATE REGION

          The climate region that omzig land is in is tropical like cuba, and they get sun most of the time, but they use it to their advantage. What they do is that they use solar panels to power 60% of the island. The way that it affects them is that they might get tired thanks to the sun, but it does have more precipitation than el paso,texas so they try to wait out the sun until rain comes.


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