Exploration For Spain

Why should you choose me for exploration?

I know, Your Majesty, that you are busy with your own work right now, but I know that you could take some time to think about me. I, want your specific money to fund the exploration. I know that you want to get more land for the amazing kingdom of Spain, and I will get land and other resources, Your Majesty. Since I am from Spain myself, I want to lead this exploration for Spain. I hope to and will find three main resources: gold, fur, and land to claim, Your Majesty. I will also find other natural resources that will make Spain richer. These resources could help Your Majesty because gold will make us rich, fur will also, and land is for Spain to claim, so then people can travel and live there, also. I want to go anywhere that has plenty of land, is unexplored, and full of resources . I choose to go there because it is not discovered much at all, and the resources could enrich us. France and England I believe, Your Majesty, is also exploring, but I will claim land that is bigger than theirs, and find the richest gold than any of the competing Kingdoms. Other European explorers want gold and land, but I will find it before them, Your Majesty. If I encounter any beings, I will be friendly but be aware that they might attack us at anytime. I want $10,000 to fund this expedition, and I hope you consider my proposal. I hope you choose well, Your Majesty.

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