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People like me are quiet, serious, and independent. I'm super-observant but keep most of your reactions, thoughts, and opinions to myself. When I do speak, I tend to be literal, matter-of-fact, and honest, and avoid small talk. People see me as totally calm and even tempered, and even my family and closest friends rarely know what I'm feeling. When I do speak my mind, I am are truthful to the point of bluntness. I may be baffled about why people take offense or otherwise react emotionally, and I may sometimes think relationships are too complex and confusing. Because I am naturally private, I avoid big social gatherings and would rather spend time alone or with a good friend, actively pursuing a particular interest. I enjoy the outdoors, physical activities, or adventures that have a certain element of risk. I approach problems with curiosity logic, and skill, it's very likely I'm good with your hands.


I'm  also an easy going and casual person who doesn't like a lot of rules, structure, or restrictions on my freedom. I like to explore, have fun, and follow my impulses rather than live by any one else's expectations or standards. Since II prize my independence, I rarely impose myself or my beliefs on other people. While I am amazingly adaptive and able to turn on a dime,I often have trouble making decisions or following through on projects that don't interest me. Sometimes I get distracted and forget my commitments. But luckily, I'm so resourceful that I'm often able to improvise my way out of jams.

My college is the University of Chapel Hill and it is a 4 year institution which tuition cost over $4,066. The application fee is $80 not guaranteeing you make into the college. The campus enrollment is about 28,916, and the reason i would like to go to this college is play sports and get a good education because when i think about the tar heels i think a rich sports history and a good learning program. This college is a university and is public.  


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2 years ago

I learned more about me and about the college i wish to go to