Internet safety poster website were I found image

Here are some things that I learned

1. never tell anyone your passwords, because then they can use them to hack your accounts . Or because they can post things that can hurt your feelings.

2. Not everything that you post is private, like if you you post something that you think is private chances are it is not .

3. you should always ask your parent to do something online, like if your going to do something ask for your parents permission or if you do something without parent permission you can get in trouble.

4. if you use a social network you should not add people you don't know, Because then they can be a person that wants to do something to you or wants something from you.

5. never post things that you will regret after you post it, don't post things that you did not mean to post to hurt people's feelings even you might know that they can.

That is my poster

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