Computer Programming

You need to know a little bit about how a computer works. Your job will be to instruct the computer to do things. Basically, writing software (computer programs) is describing how to do something.

Salary is about 70,000 dollars per year.

Requires four years of college education and knowledge of how to code.

import java.util.Scanner;
public class wrath { public static void main (String args [])

{ Scanner keyboard=new Scanner(;int[] firstOptions={1, 2};int[] secondOptions={1, 2};

int[] thirdOptions={1, 2};

int firstChoice = 0;int secondChoice = 0;

int thirdChoice = 0;int[] fourthOptions={1, 2};

int fourthChoice = 0;

int[] fifthOptions={1, 2};

int fifthChoice = 0;

String debuffer;

while (thirdChoice<1 || thirdChoice>2)

{System.out.println("Do you choose to help or not? 1.To Help 2. To Decline.");




System.out.println("Please choose a number to continue 1.Yes 2.No"); }

thirdChoice = keyboard.nextInt();debuffer=keyboard.nextLine();


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