journal entery #2

Civil war slang

Ryan: Them greybacks are so fit to be tied they’d throw a arkansas toothpick at any thing from the north.

Matt: Ya, Us Yankees are Hunkey Dorey, we got all the greenback up here in the north.

ryan: The most horse sense thing down there is the grab a root.

Matt: Or a pile of quickstep, man I just wanna whip them greybacks

ryan: wanna grab a goober then skedaddle!

Matt: Ya I’ve been through the mill tonight, lets grab a root.

ryan: Wach out!! There be some hornets coming out them pepperboxes!!

Matt: Skeddle, bully before we’s be their jailbirds

civil war journal

by George William


My name is George William, i live in Washington DC. I joined the army as a drummer boy for the union. I'm only 13 years old but I need to help. Right now, I'm a private. I plan on going home in about a month.

journal entery #3

dear Mother and Father,

I've been in camp for two weeks now and I desperately want to leave. everyone needs to wake up at the same time as the birds and drill all day long. If you misbehave during your free time you will be humiliated or tortured. you might have to stay inside a barrel or carry a log outside the captains office for the rest of the day. other people that are a higher rank are tied in strenuous positions and left for long periods of time.

at the moment, we are in tenisee waitng fr orders

Make-shift tent stake. for when you loose your tent steak.

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journal entery #4

jermiea, when you chose to stay at home, why did you make that choose?

I made that choice because my mother was sickly and would surly die if i had left and if i left i would not know if she is still alive.

What are you proud of happy about in your life?

I am happy that i joined the union and fought for slavery because everyone is created equle.

what do you wish you could change about your past?

I wish that i could have made my brother join the union so that we could keep in touch.

Do you think you will ever know what happen to your brother?

no, he could be dead and i would never know, i would never meet him, i'm going to try to forget him.

Mess kit fir eating in the morning

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song "we wish you a merry Christmas"

journal entery # 6

we wish we were in Vicksburg

we wish we were in Vicksburg

we wish we were in Vicksburg or at least heading there

we wish we were in Vicksburg

we wish we were in Vicksburg

we wish we were in Vicksburg or at least heading there

with shots flying by

with bombs in the air

we wish we were in Vicksburg or at least heading there!

Aftermath of battle   (Gettysburg)

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journal entery #5


recently at camp there have been a less amount of food, all there is is raw beef and ditch water every once in a wile we get some rations but the taste horrid. the only thing that keeps us going is writing letters, watching plays, lice racing, and cards. my favorite thing to eat is the rations in a soup, it tastes terrible but at least nothing is living in it. all we do is put rations in water then eat up.

plating cards is common for entertainment

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journal entery #7

Dear mother,

                      There has been illnesses common around and everyone seems to be get'n it, with no sanitation and such close quarters, everyone is always just as sic as the other. most people suffer from diarrhea, the only person who isn't is the Sargent in charge, hes got his own spot to sleep so he doesn't get as sick. when someone is shot by a grey-back in the arm or leg, they are usually so smashed that the doc toes need to amputate the limb. most people who are amputated on end up unable to fight or dead, or they would die of sickness because of the open wound. the doctors are usual y the ones get'n them sick, they don't wash there hands at all.

Journal entry: going home

                  It seems like i have not been in the army long according to my parents and friends, but it has actual been a long strenuous journey out there, I've been on the battlefield even if its only for 10 min and I'e been in extream danger the whole time wile i drummed orders from the Sargent. when i was finally allowed to go home, it had seemed like 5 years with everything I've needed to do. i was so happy to see my mother again after the journey.

My home

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