History of Social Media

"When was Social Media Born?"

The term Social Media is used to describe internet sites in which people communicate, share ideas, and inform people about different things.

The oldest Social Media platform that we teenagers can remember besides AOL is MySpace. It’s actually not; Social Media was born in 1969. CompuServe was one of the first internet providers in the U.S. They didn't have Wi-Fi like we do now; they had dial-up to connect to the web. The first email was sent in 1971, emailing was the major form of communication in previous years. Emailing is still being used but not as much as Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and Text messaging.

Everybody is probably thinking what would I do without Facebook? What will I do without Twitter? New things are being invented every, things are changing every day. You never know what new Social Media Platform will become the new thing. MySpace used to be the big hit, and then came along Facebook, following the creation of Twitter. After Facebook came along most people moved away from MySpace.

We know the history of the Social Media but do we know the future of it? Only the future can tell what will be next!



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