Kayla Boyer

7H digital tech

In digital tech we had talked about the school values and what they mean. We learnt a bit more about them aswell. To understand them more we had to search for photos what we thought represented one value. We also learnt how to edit photos on http://pixlr.com.au and do all kinds of different stuff on it.

I chose this photo because everyone on the boat is helping paddle and using teamwork.

To edit this photo i put the vibrance and contrast on high and put a blur around the water. I then added a default overlay and added a black vignette border, and a bold pink text.

This photo shows teamwork with the little animals helping each other, and its also so cute!

i edited this photo to black and white, put a focus on the picture, added a text and put a default overlay and put a white rounded corner border.

the girls playing basketball shows the teamwork when the girls in the red are trying to get the ball of the girl in the blue.

this photo i edited it by putting a creative 'Helena' effect and flame overlay with a text and a black border.

i love this photo because its so cute and it shows how the little girl is helping the dog getting a drink.

in this edit i splashed the photo then put a pink effect with a swirly lines over the top, and added a text.

This is the collage of all my edited photos which I made on 'pixlr'

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