Piedmont Region

The Piedmont Region is home to Six Flags, World of Coke, Georgia aquarium, The Varsity, Stone mountain, and Zoo Atlanta, some of Georgia's funnest places. There are also many other ways to keep you busy on your trip to Georgia. Pay a visit to the Varsity to keep you full and happy as you explore. If you're into a good hike, visit Stone Mountain in Dekalb county and encounter the natural beauty and wildlife. Are you up for the trills at Sixflags? Well, if you are, take a drive to ride the twists and turns of the coasters. The history of Coke all started in Georgia and if you want to learn more about it visit the World of Coke!

In the Piedmont region there is lots of peach farming and this farming lasts a lot longer then other places due to the Temperate climate. This makes the peach, the state fruit and it is known nationwide.

There is also a surplus of granite in the state making granite mining very popular. This granite is used for countertops in homes all over the world.

People in the Piedmont region manufacture planes and cars providing jobs and boosting the economy.

There are three main physical features of the Piedmont region: Chattahoochee river, Savannah river, and the Fall line.

The Chattahoochee river supplies hydroelectric power and drinking water to all who live around it. It us transported cotton and delivered power to the textile mills.

The Savannah river provides a major ocean port that supports international trade.

The Fall line provides the world's largest amount of Kaolin and would be. Great investment.

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