Samuel de Champlain

The quest to get King Henry IV to give me money.

"I am the obvious choice to go the New Land. I will bring you back all sorts of riches, like gold and spices.  I see the doubt on your face King Henry. Why would I send this guy to go, is what you are thinking. Well I will tell you.  I am all seeing and all doing, and I have had a vision.  In your future I see a man coming back with gold, silver, and riches of all kinds. I, Samuel de Champlain could be that man.  That is why I am asking you, the King of France to sponsor my trip to the New World. There are even more bonuses than just gold.  I know that France's trading is in monopoly.  If I go, I can settle disagreements with the Natives.  I have mapped out a detailed route of my trip.  My ETA would be about, hmm I don't know,  the third of June, 10:13 am, 1608.  I am planning on going to land above where other countries are going, so there will be less settlements, giving France the opportunity to establish even more.  While I am on the topic of the other countries I would like to remind you that Spain and England are also both trying to send explorers.  The sooner you send me the sooner you get better land and resources.  You need to act quickly or Spain will take our land, and England will take our gold.  I even think that I will call the land "Canada" after the Spanish word  "aca nada" because that means here, nothing. If you send me, not Spain nor England will have anything in "Canada."  Though in my vision, I have also seen grave things.  In the New World, the crew is going to help the Huron Indians fight against the Iroquois Indians.  While this has made an ally with the Huron Indians, there are 150 years of hatred with the Iroquois Indians in the future.  Although I can not change fate, I can be prepared for it.  We would need more supplies because we could not trade with the Iroquois.  Also in the future I see bad winters, so I would need a big crew, I would say 32 men.  With my large crew, I would also need boats.  I think that two boats would be enough, each boat would hold 16 men.  Now that I have presented all of my information to you I will await you answer."

1 minute later.  "Do you have your answer King Henry IV?"

5 minutes later.  "Do you have your answer King Henry?"

10 minutes later.  "Do you have your answer?  You do!  What is it?  Wait, I need a dramatic drum roll.  Fine what is your answer?  What did you say? No! How could you say no to that?  I just spent like an entire hour writing my speech and you say no?  How could you? I am so disappointed.  Oh no please do not chop my head off! I am just an innocent guy.  No please no!  Do not forget about the gold."   Score! Samuel thought. I hit the target with that one. "Thank you so much for giving me a grant to go to Canada."  That was the end of the conversation for at that moment Samuel de Champlain, France's new explorer, passed out.  

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3 years ago

XD Yes, perfect! You can keep all the gold if you become France's joker.