Resources for
Cigarroa High School

Ubiquitous Apps

Touchcast: Create a broadcast-style, interactive video

Browse: Tutorials and Examples (Examples on pg 13-15)

ThingLink: Create an interactive image by inserting links to various media

Browse: EDU Examples

Tellagami: Create a 30-second video with an avatar and a custom background

Browse: Teacher Examples

Subtext:  Have conversations and create assignments around pieces of text (ebooks, PDFs, web articles, etc).

Browse: FreeTech4Teachers Review

Gooru: Create content-specific collections of school-appropriate materials (videos, articles, etc.), quizzes and questions.

Browse: Collection Examples

Aurasma: Create a layer of augmented reality by overlaying a video over any image

Browse: Examples, Tutorials

Skitch: Basic editing, cropping, labeling, highlighting, blurring (think kid's faces or personal info, license plate)

Browse: Examples

Educreations: Create a video to show thinking processes with a whiteboard

Browse: Applications on various Bloom's Levels

Teacher Apps

Pages/Keynote/Numbers - Apple's version of Word/PPT/Excel (should be free if downloaded on iPad Air)

Teacher Kit - Organize classes, take attendance, store classroom information

NearPod - Create/import interactive presentations and show them on student iPads

Content Apps



Desmos - Graphing Calculator

ThingLink - Geometry 3-D - MathyCathy

iTunes U - download videos and materials from courses on all topics


Social Studies

Today's Document - Primary Sources from the National Archives

History Pin


Sherry McElhannon -