Deborah Ellis

                                    August 7, 1960 (age 53 years, present)

Deborah Ellis is a Canadian writer who has traveled around the world talking to many  people about there daily lives.

                    Here at the top is a huge list of the books Deborah has written.

Deborah Ellis writes books about kids, families, and children's daily lives from all around the world. All of Deborah's books are based on peoples daily struggles and how they deal with it.


As an author Deborah Ellis has won many awards for her books. She has won four Oscars, four Golden Globes, one Grammy, and one screen actors guide award.

Ellis is a philanthropist, donating almost all of her royalties on her books to such organizations as "Women for Women in Afghanistan." She traveled to Afghanistan in 1997 to help in refugee camps.

                                                        3 FUN FACTS!!!

1; Deborah Ellis's books have been translated into 17 different languages.

2; Deborah Ellis was 11-12 years old when she started writing.

3; Deborah Ellis total has written 110 books WOW!!! All of her books are historical fiction and realistic fiction.

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