I am interested in having my own burger and salad joint and I am interested in selling my food to customers. One of my skills are staying focused I am very good at staying focused on a topic. My ability is to be a great leader. I am good at leading people into doing the right things. So if i can own my own burger and salad joint I can be the boss and lead the store to becoming one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia. What I really want to do is create one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia. I want this resturants to be the number one choice to people when they want to go to a great restaurant for lunch or dinner. I want to be the boss of the spectacular restaurants that will be soon created.

My main target customers are going to be Temple University students that are on lunch break and adults that are on their lunch break. My one main competitors are Burger King; There are a lot of people know about burger king because of their delicious burgers and there is so many of them in Philadelphia. Another one of my main competitor is salad work because people that are on a diet are not going to want to come into my restaurant filled with unhealthy food. But in Saladworks has all kind of good healthy food like salads.