my definition of bullying is something someone does to a object or a person by using words or touching them.The reason I chose to respond this way is because.Is because im do not like bullying and it needs to stop.If someone did this to me, I would respond by telling someone and standing up for my self.If I ever found out that someone was being bullied I would.I would ask him or her are they ok and say do you want to go talk to someone.Some of the warning sign behaviors are.not comming to school acting out, bad grades,fights,skiping class.


1.that they can do it to anybody and nothing happen to them.2.we can tell someone about what can happen and if any body does it tell them what to do 3.we have changed it because we have helped students get through bullying,and we have saved some peoples live.4.that they can not get away bullying kids and making them think they have to kill there self for your action.people do not realize what is happening before it really happens.