Learning to Teach
Day 38: Breaking it Up

With the lesson today I tried to break up and get some movement involved with the information. What I did is have the students get a sheet of paper out, and I give each table a question to answer, which they need to use the book. Then I tell the student to switch after 5 minutes which I used an online timer for.

The flaw in my first lesson was that I had the questions on the board and students were wondering why they needed to move around. The second flaw was that I was only using the textbook for the source of the information and no other source.

My host teacher noted that the only other way the students would me more malleable to moving is if there is something different at each table. While I couldn't change anything about the use of the text book. For my other classes I wrote the questions on note cards and didn't tell the students what they were and they had to move to find the questions.

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