Noel Khalil - Education Degree

A Bachelor of Science degree in education is the first step a student who is contemplating a career in education needs to take. Bachelor's programs give them exposure to a diverse range of subjects, including literature and language arts, science, history, mathematics, and the Arts.

Education majors also learn about different teaching philosophies. Some teaching philosophies are more authoritarian and conservative, emphasizing those values and knowledge that have been passed down over many generations; these are referred to as essentialism and perennialism. A philosophy of education influences what and in what way students are taught, and represents answers to questions about what education is all about.

Common classes in a teaching curriculum at the undergraduate level including developmental psychology, teaching principles, educational psychology, learning assessments, and classroom management. In addition to this classroom learning, education majors receive practical experience and education through student teaching, which is an internship in a classroom setting under the supervision of licensed teachers and education professionals.

The demand for education professionals is linked directly to the levels of enrollment at schools nationwide. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for teachers in the U.S. is going to rise at least through 2020, with geographic fluctuations in the demand. States in the Northeast, for example, are projected to have declines in enrollment, while those in the south and west are expected to see increases.

Noel Khalil received his Bachelor of Science degree in education from the University of Rochester, where he graduated with distinction. He has spent most of his career in business, however, and is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Columbia Residential, a company he founded in 1991.

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