The Australian Interpretation of Super-Size Me

The Australian interpretation of the documentary is based very similarly to the American documentary except our nation strives to become healthier. This is so funds are not wasted on obese people that do not care about themselves. Our society needs to start being more aware of the causes these bad foods can do to our body. If this documentary was based in Australia it would be viewed in extremely different ways. It most likely would be extremely recommended that a documentary from Australian people would be shown, to teach the people in society that it actually is able to happen to your body. The Australians are becoming more aware of what fast food does to their body. It is becoming a worry for the government and people that are controlling the obesity and overweight area of society. There is always a story and case that the hospitals are wasting too much time on the obese population, when in reality, they got there selves in the situation in the first place. Although for many obese people it is extremely hard to change their ways of living. We need to start thinking about the wider society than just ourselves. People do not know enough knowledge about obesity and how badly it effects the body. This is why it is getting worse and worse. To be able to prevent obesity in Australia, we need to start making sure the citizens know enough knowledge. It is a deadly disease. We can’t watch these documentaries and not want to make a change. McDonalds and any fasts foods, need to stop advertising to the younger generation. We need prevent this as much as possible. Advertising does not help.

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