Inheritance Part Three

I have inheritance the tradition and religious that all girls in my family must learn how to cook. It very important in the Hmong community, girls are expected to cook for her family . Three meals a day ; breakfast, lunch, and dinner . One in the morning probably 10 am, one in the afternoon probably 3 pm , and dinner 8 pm. Until the day she marry into another family. Then she will cook for her husband family. All girls must have good manner and respect elder. The importance of this inheritance is beause so when the girls leave her parents doorstep and begin her life, it wouldn't be so hard on her. There a saying that goes something like this" Eating mushroom must look where the root come from" , it meant for the boys to pick his bride wisely , one who know how to cook, good manner, good family background. If the bride doesn't know how to cook properly , the husband side of the family won't like her. Family are very picky about marriage. Something I might not know about this inheritance is, the marriage day and the feast. It such a beautiful sight, but sad too because a family giving a person away, while one family receiving a person. I alway wonder what it feel like to be a bride? Be separated from your family? The feelings of being a mom? All thoughts come into my mind.