Hi I'm Reagan and i will be telling you about dances and the history of it

These are point shoes. If you do ballet for a number of years you might be able to do it one day. Its just like ballet but harder and ballet you don't wear these shoes. Its harder because your really on your toes. You also have to have more balances. Because if you don't you will fall off your box. You could really hurt yourself if that happens. So that's why you have to be in ballet for years.

One of many well known ballet play. The Nutcracker!

The nutcracker is the story of a girl named Marie getting a nutcracker for Christmas from her uncle.She opens it at a party.She loves it. When her brother sees how much she likes it. He takes it and brakes it.She was very up set. The party was over. Everyone went to bed but Marie. She couldn't she was to up set.So she went down stairs wear the nutcracker was and fell asleep with the nutcracker.Then her uncle toke it and fixed it.Then the nutcracker comes to life and other toys do too. They have this battle. Then the nutcracker takes Marie on a big avenger.The End!

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Some history on Dances

Dance has been hear a long time. The first kind of dances was like ancient rituals. Then it was like more like just  for the fun of it.Or social events.Then Child's birth. Things like that.

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