Mt. Vernon Estate

-One of the nation’s most beloved historic sites, Mount Vernon offers a glimpse into 18th-century plantation life through beautiful gardens and grounds, intriguing museum exhibits, and honoring George Washington’s life and legacy.

-A domestic structure has stood in the Mansion's footprint since 1735, when George Washington was just three years old.

-Mount Vernon is named for an admiral in the British navy.

-The Mansion is ten times the size of the average home in colonial Virginia.

-Mount Vernon is not symmetrical, but George Washington wanted it to be.

-The cupola is topped with a weathervane in the shape of a dove of peace.

-The piazza is one of George Washington's contributions to colonial Virginian architecture.

-Mount Vernon has a full basement, but there are no secret passages leading from it.

-Today 1 million visitors pass through the Mansion each year, but Washington himself hosted as many as 677 guests at the Mansion in one year, in 1798.

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